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Winning the War for Your Thoughts Audio and Video Series

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(4-Session CD, 1-Session DVD by Jimmy Evans)

Your marriage and your life will face forces beyond what is seen but the Bible contains specific wisdom for this very issue. In Winning the War for Your Thoughts, Jimmy Evans explains how you can hear from God, follow His voice, and win spiritual battles.

The scriptures contain examples and insight on how to fight spiritually. You can be successful in your marriage and in life when you apply God's battle tactics. This teaching has been specially formatted in CD and DVD to help you get the most out of these topics:

  • how the exercise spiritual authority
  • how to speak answers from God
  • how to live with an understanding of the spiritual realm

The mission of MarriageToday is to equip you and help you achieve the abundant life God desires for you, especially in your marriage relationship. Thank you for helping couples around the world win the battle for a great future. We're praying for you and asking for a special blessing on your relationships as you dive into this new teaching.