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The Overcoming Life Video Series

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Do you and your spouse sometimes feel defeated by life? You aren’t alone. We often are faced with two choices. We can learn to overcome our circumstances or we can let our circumstances overcome us.

In The Overcoming Life, Jimmy Evans will show you how to conquer the most common challenges that we all battle including:

  • How to heal from the scars of rejection
  • Why we compare ourselves to others
  • How to forgive those who’ve hurt us
  • The key to dealing with discouragement

You will gain new confidence to face every situation with hope and security in God. Discover the joy of being an overcomer.

The Overcoming Life is available on DVD, CD and digital download. 

Session 1 - Overcoming Rejection (31 minutes)

Session 2 - Overcoming Fear (34 minutes)

Session 3 - Overcoming Comparison (29 minutes)

Session 4 - Overcoming Shame (35 minutes)

Session 5 - Overcoming Unforgiveness (29 minutes)

Session 6 - Overcoming Discouragement (35 minutes)

Session 7 - Overcoming Sickness (39 minutes)

Session 8 - Overcoming Doubt (30 minutes)

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