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The Fig Leaf Conspiracy Audio Series

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Did you know that sex is the covenant sign and seal for marriage? That this unique feature of marriage created by God is a major cornerstone of intimacy between a married man and woman? This is the reason why Satan hates it so much! From the moment Satan told Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden that they were naked, he has tried to corrupt human sexuality.

In this timely teaching taken from Genesis 3, relationship expert Jimmy Evans will disclose Satan's lies and attacks on human sexuality and his intention to distort God's perfect design for marriage.

This series will also:

  • Outline the importance of sanctifying sex within the marriage relationship
  • Bring insight regarding adultery and the spirit behind it
  • Refute common and current misconceptions about sex
  • Remove the stigma of shame and replace it with God's truth and plan for sexual expression
  • Reveal the steps to walk free from shame and sexual sin

Fig Leaf Conspiracy is available on digital download.

Session 1 - The Fig Leaf Conspiracy (49 minutes)

Session 2 - What the Serpent Says About Sex Part 1 (46 minutes)

Session 3 - What the Serpent Says About Sex Part 2 (42 minutes)

Session 4 - The Conspiracy Code (48 minutes)

Session 5 - Shameless Sexuality (42 minutes)

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