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Sex, Love and Communication Audio Series (Old Version)

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Would you believe someone who told you that God's plan for marriage includes fulfilling sex, romantic love, and healthy, vibrant communication? You should, because it's true!

In Sex, Love and Communication, Jimmy Evans explains important truths that will help you create a beautiful, passionate marriage other couples will want to imitate.

This encouraging series will teach you:

  • The one element in every good marriage
  • How to experience lasting passion and intimacy
  • The three factors that create lasting love
  • How to overcome dysfunctional communication
  • The three steps to striking your sexual match

Sex, Love and Communication is available on DVD, CD and digital download.

Session 1 - I Wish I Had Their Marriage (43 minutes)
Session 2 - Training Your Mouth for Marriage (38 minutes)

Session 3 - Don't Talk to Me Like That (46 minutes)
Session 4 - Striking Your Sexual Match (35 minutes)