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Seven Elements of Emotional Healing and Health Video Single

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From the series Flying High in Marriage by Jimmy Evans

Whether anger or resentment, rejection or bitterness, our negative emotions are powerful. Through unresolved hurt, these damaging emotions affect our marriage and every relationship in our lives.

The good news is God can heal your hurt and repair your damaged emotions. You can replace pain with peace. The key to reaching your full potential is becoming emotionally healthy.

Through this life-changing message, Jimmy Evans will reveal:

  • How emotional health affects your marriage
  • A basic test to evaluate your emotions and well-being
  • Practical steps to overcoming emotional pain and hurt


The best days are not behind you. Your relationship doesn’t have to be in a free fall. Marriage can get better year after year. You and your spouse can fly high in marriage.

Flying High in Marriage is available on DVD, CD and digital download.

Runtime: 41 minutes