Say It Like You Mean It Audio Series

Say It Like You Mean It Audio Series

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In this 8-part teaching series by Jimmy Evans, the dynamic force of your words is explained in light of what the Bible says about life-giving communication. In these exciting messages, you'll learn how your every word can express love and respect.

Say It Like You Mean It is available on CD and digital download.

Session 1 - The Worth of Words (42 minutes)

Session 2 - The Christ of Our Confession (39 minutes)

Session 3 - Tongue of Trouble (42 minutes)

Session 4 - Taming a Troubled Tongue (39 minutes)

Session 5 - The Lips of Life (32 minutes)

Session 6 - Releasing the Prophetic Power of the Spoken Word (43 minutes)R

Session 7 - Overcoming the Challenges of Prophetic Language (41 minutes)

Session 8 - Releasing the Power of Words in Spiritual Warfare (37 minutes)

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