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Return to Intimacy Small Group Curriculum Kit

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The Return to Intimacy Small-Group Curriculum Kit is the most comprehensive teaching series by Jimmy Evans on how to build inner closeness from scratch, recapture passion and romance, and achieve the highest level of fulfillment in your marriage.

This 8-week small group study teaches couples:

  • The four elements of intimacy and how to create and maintain them in marriage.
  • The two most common issues that destroy marriages: destructive anger and dominance
  • The secret to restoring--- and staying in-- love.
  • And much more
The Return to Intimacy Curriculum Kit includes:
  • Eight video sessions from Jimmy Evans
  • Couple Guide and Workbook
  • Leader Guide and Discussion Workbook
Regardless of your past experience, you can Return to Intimacy!  

Return to Intimacy Small Group Sessions

Session 1 - Investing in Intimacy (23 minutes)
Session 2 - Becoming Your Spouse’s Safe Place (21 minutes)
Session 3 - Disarming Destructive Fear (20 minutes)
Session 4 - Photographic and Prophetic Thinking (17 minutes)
Session 5 - Disarming Destructive Anger (21 minutes)
Session 6 - The Power to End Escalating Emotions (18 minutes)
Session 7 - Disarming Destructive Dominance (21 minutes) Session 8 - Covenant Marriage (23 minutes)

Please Note: The videos in our Return to Intimacy Video Series do not match up directly with those in the Return to Intimacy Small Group Curriculum Kit. Currently the small group videos are only available in this kit.




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