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Our Secret Paradise Video Series

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When most couples think of paradise, they dream of peace and pleasure. For many, marriage is the complete opposite, full of conflict and disappointment. Even if you’re “out of love” it is possible to have a marriage that is secure and satisfying.

In Our Secret Paradise, you’ll discover that marriage can become a healing journey. Jimmy Evans will show you:

  • How to resolve conflict and have lasting peace
  • The key to renewing passion and intimacy
  • How to have a deep friendship and partnership
  • The right response when your spouse hurts you
  • How your marriage can thrive during hard times

Paradise is within reach. Your relationship can fulfill the desires of your heart. Create your own secret paradise today.

Our Secret Paradise is available on a book, DVD, CD, and digital download.

Session 1 - The Secret of Paradise (30 minutes)

Session 2 - The Secret of Lasting Passion in Marriage (26 minutes)

Session 3 - The Secret of Being Best Friends (31 minutes)

Session 4 - The Secret of Every Great Marriage (31 minutes)

Session 5 - The Secret of Building a Lasting Marriage (32 minutes)

Session 6 - The Secret of Ultimate Sexual Fulfillment (33 minutes)

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