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Lifelong Love Affair Live Video Series

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Everyone wants to experience a love that lasts a lifetime. For many, the dream of lifelong love has become a nightmare filled with disappointment and heartache.

Success is not a matter of luck or if you marry the right person. In this inspiring series broadcast live around the world, Jimmy Evans will reveal the secrets to having a fulfilling relationship including:

- How to stay in love for the rest of your life

- Resolving conflict and having a vision for your marriage

- How to have God’s blessing on your relationship

- Secrets to lasting passion and sexual fulfillment

When you and your spouse commit to these time-tested principles, your relationship will thrive and get better year after year. No matter where your marriage is today, you can have a Lifelong Love Affair.

Session 1 – The Secret of Lifelong Love
Session 2 – Married on Purpose

Session 3 – The Blessed Marriage
Session 4 – Q&A with Jimmy and Karen
Session 5 – The Secrets of Lifelong Passion and Sexual Intimacy