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I Changed My Mind Book

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Becoming a Christian doesn’t fix all your problems.

You’re saved, but you aren’t free—yet. Your daily life is still plagued by the fear of failure and weighed down by worry. Bad attitudes keep you stuck. If you want to move forward, then you must be willing to change your mind.

God shows us in His Word a better way to think. Are you willing to trust Him with your thoughts?

Next to salvation, changing your thinking may have the single greatest impact on your life.

Change your mind. Change your life.

Chapter 1 - Defining Attitude
Chapter 2 - 5 Truths About Attitudes
Chapter 3 - 7 Attitude Killers
Chapter 4 - 7 Attitude Builders
Chapter 5 - 7 Reasons to Have a Good Attitude
Chapter 6 - 7 Ways the World Defines Success
Chapter 7 - 5 Results of the Wrong Standards for Success
Chapter 8 - God's 3 Essential Standards for Success
Chapter 9 - The Problem of Worry and Anxiety
Chapter 10 - 3 Ways to Overcome Worry and Anxiety
Chapter 11 - 3 Worldly Causes of Insecurity
Chapter 12 - Psalm 91: The Antidote for Insecurity
Chapter 13 - A Spirit of King Saul or the Apostle Paul?
Chapter 14 - Why Did Jesus Experience Fear?
Chapter 15 - Good Fear versus Bad Fear
Chapter 16 - 3 Steps to Overcoming Fear
Conclusion - The Importance of Change: Finishing Well


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