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I Changed My Mind Audio Series

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Every one of us experiences worry, insecurity, fear and failure. Many people live their lives being controlled by their destructive emotions. You can overcome your thoughts and live a life of freedom and peace.

Through Jimmy Evans’ practical series I Changed My Mind, you will discover:

  • How to always have a positive attitude
  • The proven steps to experiencing success
  • How to overcome worry and anxiety
  • The secret to becoming secure
  • How to eliminate fear and find fulfillment

Happiness is a choice within your control. Today you can change your mind and experience breakthrough in every area of your life.

I Changed My Mind is available on book, DVD, CD and digital download.

Session 1 - I Changed My Mind About My Attitude (33 minutes)
Session 2 - I Changed My Mind About Failure and Success (37 minutes)

Session 3 - I Changed My Mind About Worry and Anxiety (19 minutes)
Session 4 - I Changed My Mind About Insecurity (34 minutes)

Session 5 - I Changed My Mind About Fear (29 minutes)
Bonus Session - Overcoming Insecurity with Karen Evans (13 minutes)

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