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I Am Nehemiah Audio Series

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God is always about restoration. The Lord wants to heal your pain and restore blessing in your life. In the Old Testament book of Nehemiah, God shows His consistent desire to restore what’s been lost in the lives of His people.

Through the series I Am Nehemiah, you’ll discover how to move from bondage to freedom and restore any area of your life. Jimmy Evans will show you:

  • How to overcome the pain and destruction of sin
  • The steps to experiencing favor and blessing
  • The secret of knowing God’s best for your life
  • How to live in victory and defeat your real enemy

Regardless of your mistakes, God’s desire is to restore your life into His plan and purpose. When you’ve overcome the past and are living in the Lord’s blessing, you’ll experience a new level of freedom and fulfillment.

I Am Nehemiah is available on DVD and digital download.

Session 1 - The End of Sin
 (32 minutes)
Session 2 - The Gift of Favor (22 minutes)
Session 3 - The Way Home (21 minutes)
Session 4 - Building in Enemy Territory (29 minutes)