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How to Think When Life Stinks Audio Series

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In this 5-part teaching series, Jimmy Evans sheds light on challenging scriptures and offers encouragement for those walking with God through any circumstance. You'll learn how to renew your mind during difficult tests and trials by standing on the promises of His Word and the amazing plans He has for you and your future. Each of Jimmy's 5 messages reveals truth about these principles for living an overcoming life.

How to Think When Life Stinks is available on digital download.

Session 1 - Understanding the Reasons for Difficult Seasons (30 minutes)
Session 2 - How Winners Think (33 minutes)
Session 3 - Think About the Promise of God's Presence (34 minutes)
Session 4 - Changing Your Mind About Giants (31 minutes)
Session 5 - Battlefield Golgotha - Winning the War of the Mind (21 minutes)

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