From Pain To Paradise Book + Inner Healing Journal/App + Return to Intimacy DVD Series

From Pain To Paradise Book + Inner Healing Journal/App + Return to Intimacy DVD Series

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Return to Intimacy DVD

Everyone has a deep need for intimacy. We marry to experience passion and delight, but instead we often feel disappointment and frustration.

Jimmy Evans’ Return to Intimacy seminar has helped thousands of couples recapture closeness in their marriage. In this series, you’ll discover:

  • How to keep intimacy thriving and growing
  • Why fear causes us to react and hurt each other
  • Practical steps to resolving anger and conflict
  • How to share everything and become partners

Take your marriage to the next level. You can Return to Intimacy.

From Pain to Paradise Book:

In From Pain to Paradise Karen Evans takes you on an autobiographical journey through the hurts of her past. Through her vulnerable testimony she'll show you how to restore relationships, heal broken marriages, and gain victory over emotional pain through the power of the Word of God.

21 Day Journey, Inner Healing App/Journal:

All of us have pain and baggage from our past, but few of us know how to deal with those hurts as they’re happening. The 21 Day Inner Healing Journey is a step by step guide to emotional health that will guide you from toxic emotions and bondage from the past and into total healing. This unique online experience provides 21 daily plans, over 2 hours of video content and personal application exercises that will help transform your life and relationships.

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