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From Pain to Paradise Book

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In From Pain to Paradise Karen Evans takes you on an autobiographical journey through the hurts of her past. Through her vulnerable testimony she'll show you how to restore relationships, heal broken marriages, and gain victory over emotional pain through the power of the Word of God.

Pages: 144

Chapter 1 - Life In The Spotlight
Chapter 2 - Two Wounded Hearts
Chapter 3 - A Fractured Foundation
Chapter 4 - Spontaneous Combustion
Chapter 5 - The Search For Answers
Chapter 6 - The Power of Prayer
Chapter 7 - Toxic Thoughts And Wrong Words
Chapter 8 - A Woman And A Well
Chapter 9 - The Perfect Storm
Chapter 10 - The Time To Change 


“Karen is filled with wisdom and she delivers it in such a humble and forthright way…”

- Dr. Caroline Leaf | Cognitive Neuroscientist

“My heart was touched as I discovered Karen’s revealing story of pain and heartache in From Pain to Paradise. Through real life experiences, she shares the heart breaking, yet overcoming journey of two broken people’s attempt to salvage an irreparable marriage. Karen candidly shares the pain, the process and the promise of what it takes to rebuild a lasting relationship with a spouse in spite of the off course detours and road blocks. A must read for everyone!”

- Joni Lamb | Co-founder, Daystar Television Network

“If you would like to know the secrets to a successful marriage, I believe this book is key to unlocking its joys and mysteries! This just might be the most practical and honest work on marriage you’ve ever read. Whether your marriage seems hopelessly divorce-bound like Karen’s once was, or if it simply needs a tune-up along the way, I urge you to read this hopeful book that offers specific steps toward improving and strengthening your union and becoming one as God intended.”

- Laurie Crouch | Trinity Broadcasting Network

“When married women read Karen’s new book, From Pain to Paradise, it will strike fear in the heart of every divorce lawyer and the devil himself. Her story inspires women in every marital situation to hang on, be strong, and believe God for miracles. In this book, Karen opens the doors to transforming our marriages from something we want out of to something we thrive in.”

- Debbie Morris | Executive Pastor of Pink (Gateway Women), Gateway Church Dallas/Fort Worth Texas, Author of The Blessed Woman and co-author of The Blessed Marriage and Living Rightside Up 


Karen Evans along with her husband, Jimmy, co-host the television program MarriageToday with Jimmy & Karen which airs nationally to more than one hundred million households daily and over 200 countries worldwide. Together they founded MarriageToday Ministries as a way to bring help and healing to hurting couples. Jimmy and Karen have been married over 40 years, and they have two adult children and five grandchildren.

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