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Freedom from Your Past Book

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The past isn't really the past until it has been reconciled in Christ.

Without properly addressing the pain and problems of the past, your present and future are adversely affected. In fact, many problems in relationships, emotions and attitudes are linked to unresolved issues.

But here's the good news! You can find Freedom From Your Past by understanding and dealing with these issues in a biblical manner. In this comprehensive book, Jimmy Evans and Ann Billington will thoroughly discuss the issues that are holding you back. They will give you the tools you need to break free from the bondages of such things as depression, addiction, anger and abuse.

You can put your past to rest. You can begin living the life of freedom God has designed for you!

Chapters in this 278-page paperback edition include:
The Secret of Your Freedom
Iniquities: Baggage From the Past
The Scars of One's Soul
Freedom from Spiritual Oppression
The Fruit of a Distorted Image of God
The Fruit of Shame - A Distorted Self Image
The Fortress of a Transformed Mind
The Fortress of Spiritual Warfare
And much more!

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