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Finding the Right One Workbook and DVD

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Finding the Right One is an interactive study guide for individuals or groups. If you're single and hope to someday find yourself in a committed, fulfilling marriage relationship, you’ve come to the right place. This study was designed specifically with you in mind!

To get the most out of this study, we encourage you to use it as a companion to our book, The Right One. Many of the ideas and principles we address here are developed in more detail in the book, so if you take time to read that first, you’ll be further ahead of the game. It’s not a prerequisite, but a good suggestion. We’ve designed this workbook to be used as a stand-alone study, so whether you are going through it alone or in a small group setting, you should have all you need for an engaging and in-depth study.

Included with this workbook is a teaching DVD developed by Jimmy Evans and the MarriageToday team. These DVD lessons contain thoughts and ideas that are not necessarily included in the book or workbook, and they will add a great deal to your study, so it’s important to watch them for further insight. Whether going through this study alone or in a group setting, we encourage you to have a DVD player on hand to take advantage of this added resource.

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