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Encounter Audio Series

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The truth is our lives are filled with ups and downs and in the moment, we can't always tell which is which. When I think about my own life, there have been many difficult, lonely moments where it felt like everything that could go wrong did. I was trying so hard in my own strength to be a good Christian and a good husband and yet I felt like I was failing at both. In the midst of my frustration and sorrow, God met me.

I began to realize that the power to obey God and to be a blessing to my wife wasn't something I could muster up in my own strength. Everything began to change. I learned how to receive a greater measure of God's grace in my life. I don't know where you're at in your story maybe you're walking through challenges, wondering what God's doing.

God's not finished with you yet. And He's promised to complete the good work He's begun in you.

Jimmy Evans

Encounter is available on CD and digital download. 

Session 1 - This is My Story (31 minutes)

Session 2 - The Cost of Oil (35 minutes)


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