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Emotionally Healthy Marriage Video Series

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All of us have issues from our past that we bring into marriage. But few of us know how to deal with those hurts as they’re happening. In this inspiring series, you’ll learn to celebrate your differences with your spouse, why couples fight for control and practical steps to renew your relationship. Whether you’ve been married for years or preparing for the journey, Emotionally Healthy Marriage is the essential resource for every couple.

Emotionally Healthy Marriage is available on DVD, CD and digital download.

Session 1 - The Healing Journey of Marriage (30 minutes)

Session 2 - Breaking the Curse of Control (34 minutes)

Session 3 - A Marriage Built on Truth (31 minutes)

Session 4 - Marriage Without Baggage (30 minutes)

Session 5 - The Habits of Emotionally Healthy Couples (29 minutes)

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