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Embracing Your Future Audio Series

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Facing your past righteously and moving forward with God is the only way to live in freedom. There are often problems, rooted much deeper than we are aware, that arise in marriage and family relationships. You may have had some difficult or even horrible experiences in your life that hurt you emotionally as an adult or a child. Regardless of the depth of those wounds, God can heal you and set you free from the pain you've experienced.

In these insightful teachings by Jimmy Evans, you'll learn scriptural steps to identifying your purpose. The Bible has much to say about taking hold of your family's destiny, and with these companion teachings, you can apply God's principles for lasting growth and future success.

Embracing Your Future is available on digital download. 

Session 1 - Embrace a Great Future for Your Family (45 minutes)

Session 2 - Achieving Your Purpose in Life (44 minutes)

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