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Becoming One Live Video Series

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Lasting love is so much more than physical attraction. The secret to falling in love and staying in love is realizing what it truly means to become one with another person.

In this inspiring series broadcast live around the world, you’ll learn the secrets to having a thriving relationship including:

  • Why becoming one always begins in your heart
  • The secrets to sexual satisfaction
  • How to be mentally in tune with your spouse
  • How to become soul mates for the rest of your life

In the long run, it will be your choices that determine if you have a great marriage. Experience the joy of being loved and loving your spouse as you become one together.

Session 1 - Becoming One Heart by Jimmy Evans
Session 2 - Becoming One Flesh by Nancy Houston
Session 3 - Becoming One Mind by Dr. Caroline Leaf

Session 4 - Q&A with Jimmy and Karen
Session 5 - The Seven Inhibitors of Intimacy by Jimmy Evans
Session 6 - Becoming One Soul by Jimmy Evans
Bonus Feature - An Evening of Praise with Gateway Worship

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