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Awakening Video Series

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It is difficult to fathom what is going to happen in America for the next generation. Society and values are deteriorating at a rapid rate. We must change our country for our children and grandchildren. Without a doubt, America needs an Awakening.

In this powerful series, Jimmy Evans will reveal:

  • Why you are at war and must stand for truth
  • The one true purpose for your existence
  • How to discover God’s dream for your life
  • Why you are loved beyond comprehension

An awakening is an amazing season when people come into full awareness of God’s love, forgiveness, and power. When you experience an Awakening, you will forever be changed.

Awakening is available on digital download.

Session 1 - Awakening to War (30 minutes)

Session 2 - Awakening to Purpose (24 minutes)

Session 3 - Awakening to God's Dream (27 minutes)

Session 4 - Awakening to the Father Heart of God (30 minutes)

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