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Return to Intimacy Video Series

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Everyone has a deep need for intimacy. We marry to experience passion and delight, but instead, we often feel disappointment and frustration.

Jimmy Evans’ Return to Intimacy seminar has helped thousands of couples recapture closeness in their marriage. In this series, you’ll discover:

  • How to keep intimacy thriving and growing
  • Why fear causes us to react and hurt each other
  • Practical steps to resolving anger and conflict
  • How to share everything and become partners

Take your marriage to the next level. You can Return to Intimacy.

Return to Intimacy is available on DVD, CD, small group curriculum and digital download. 

Session 1 - Investing in Intimacy (46 minutes)

Session 2 - Disarming Destructive Fear (35 minutes)

Session 3 - Disarming Destructive Anger (47 minutes)

Session 4 - Disarming Destructive Dominance (31 minutes)

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