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Sex, Love and Communication Audio Series

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When you and your spouse were dating, communication happened naturally. When you are married, successful communication becomes intentional.

The key to achieving the love and intimacy you desire is found within your words. Vibrant communication, romantic love, and fulfilling sex are more than just a fantasy, they can become a reality.

In this inspiring series, Jimmy Evans reveals the secrets to having a satisfying relationship including:

  • How to strengthen the foundation of your marriage
  • The power of positive speech
  • How to overcome dysfunctional communication
  • Becoming one sexually, emotionally and spiritually

Fall in love all over again. Create a lasting passion that grows over time. Experience Sex, Love and Communication today.

Sex, Love and Communication is available on DVD, CD and digital download.

Session 1 - I Wish I Had Their Marriage (41 minutes)

Session 2 - Training Your Mouth for Marriage (40 minutes)

Session 3 - Don't Talk to Me Like That (32 minutes)

Session 4 - Striking Your Sexual Match (39 minutes)

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