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I Dream of Marriage Audio Series

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Research shows that 93% of people dream of a lifelong, intimate marriage. But most of them fear their relationship will last. People still dream of being happily married, but have lost hope that marriage still works.

In this inspiring series from Jimmy Evans you’ll learn:

  • How to overcome any challenge your marriage will encounter
  • The secret to becoming your spouse’s dream maker
  • How encouraging words can revive a relationship
  • Why positive friendships are critical to your marriage

The intimacy and trust in your relationship can be greater than ever before. You can have the marriage of your dreams.

I Dream of Marriage is available on CD and digital download.

Session 1 - The Power of Faith (40 minutes)
Session 2 - The Win-Win Marriage (39 minutes)

Session 3 - The Power of Words (28 minutes)
Session 4 - Friends, Parenting and Promises (32 minutes)