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The Naked Truth about Sex and Marriage

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In this groundbreaking book, Dave and Ashley Willis unpack timeless Biblical principles, powerful true stories from married couples, cutting-edge research and findings from their own interactions with thousands of couples to reveal the keys to a marriage with true intimacy, passionate sex and lifelong love.

The Naked Truth about Sex and Marriage reveals:

  • How to develop more intimacy inside and outside the bedroom
  • Candid answers to the most common questions about sex
  • The Master Plan for passionate sex from the One who actually created sex
  • A guide to overcoming some of the most common forms of relationship hurdles and causes of sexual frustration
  • How to build and sustain a passionate partnership with your spouse through every season of your life together
  • Practical tools to bring more intimacy and fulfillment to your marriage

Pages: 156

Chapter 1 - "Christian" Sexual Baggage
Chapter 2 - What does the Bible Actually Say about Sex?
Chapter 3 - Is Anything "Off Limits" for a Married Couple in the Bedroom?
Chapter 4 - Nine Rules for Preventing Infidelity in Our Own Marriage
Chapter 5 - The Excuses Couples Give for their Boring Sex Lives
Chapter 6 - To the Husband who Watches Porn (a Wife's Perspective)
Chapter 7 - The Truth about Women and Porn
Chapter 8 - My Past Struggles with Porn
Chapter 9 - What Every Married Couple Needs to Know about Sex
Chapter 10 - Overcoming the Scars of Past Sexual Abuse
Chapter 11 - To the Spouse with a Close Friend of the Opposite Sex
Chapter 12 - Love is Not Enough, and Here's Why
Chapter 13 - Why Sex is More Important than You Might Think
Chapter 14 - How to Get Your Wife "In the Mood"
Chapter 15 - Warning Signs of an Emotional Affair
Chapter 16 - Secrets are the Enemy of Intimacy
Chapter 17 - How Often Should a Married Couple Make Love?
Chapter 18 - The Sex-Killers in Marriage
Chapter 19 - How and When to Talk to Your Kids About Sex
Chapter 20 - False Beliefs that Will Hurt Your Marriage
Chapter 21 - How Men and Women View Sex Differently
Chapter 22 - How to have a Happy Spouse
Chapter 23 - Sexy Ways to get Your Husband's Attention
Chapter 24 - How to "Recharge" Your Marriage Daily
Chapter 25 - How to Say, "I Love You" with Your Actions
Chapter 26 - How to Be an "Attractive" Husband
Chapter 27 - How to Build More Trust in Your Marriage
Chapter 28 - Our All-Time Favorite Marriage Advice
Chapter 29 - Candid Answers to the Biggest Sex Questions
Chapter 30 - Your Second Honeymoon