7 Days to a Stronger Marriage Husband and Wife Editions

7 Days to a Stronger Marriage Husband and Wife Editions

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"7 Days to a Stronger Marriage" (Husbands Edition & Wives Edition) outlines a proven plan that could revolutionize the communication, sexual intimacy, trust, connection, commitment and overall happiness in your marriage. Dave and Ashley Willis have drawn from timeless Biblical principles, cutting-edge relationship research and their own experiences working with couples from all over the world to create a weeklong interactive experience for married couples unlike any other resource you've seen.

Both editions of this book offer a daily reading full of inspiring real-life stories, humor, practical applications, insightful research and Biblical principles. The Husbands Edition and Wives Edition of the book share many of the same stories and illustrations, but each edition also holds a significant amount of unique content crafted specifically to husbands and specifically to wives. Each book also contains a section for daily journaling, a daily activity meant to be completed together.

Pages: 239

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - The Rules of the 7 Day Challenge
Chapter 3 - A Prayer for My Wife/Husband
Chapter 4 - Day 1
Chapter 5 - Day 2
Chapter 6 - Day 3
Chapter 7 - Day 4
Chapter 8 - Day 5
Chapter 9 - Day 6
Chapter 10 - Day 7


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